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Elevator Decorative mesh, Elevator wall cladding mesh, Channel woven elevator wire mesh

Decorative woven Mesh as elevator cladding mesh
1. product parameter: flat width, flat thickness, flat pitch, warp diameter, warp pitch 
2. material: stainless steel AISI304,316,316L, brass phosporous bronze ( suggest use copper mesh in the middle of glass to prevent oxidation stain) 
3. surface finish: chemial brightening, draw bench, lacquer 
4. size: max. width 3m, no limit for lengh 
5. package: steel pallet lined with craft paper, wrapped with plastic cloth. 
6. application: wall cladding, elevator decoration, interior decoration. 
7. installation: provide detailed instruction and drawings,accessories designed according to job sites, usually use stainless steel covered edge. you also could refer to our technical support column. 
8. advantage: rust-proof, environment protection, strong stereoscopic impression.

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